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Eraser Sponge (288 Pack)

288 Pack of our BoldClean Eraser Sponges.
Price: $79.95
Product ID : E-288
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288 Pack of our BoldClean Eraser Sponges.

.26¢ Per Sponge! Bulk Eraser Deal.

The BoldClean Eraser is a Premium Melamine Foam Eraser Sponge.

Compare our prices to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser TM. BoldClean Erasers contain no chemicals or detergents but are made up of melamine foam deep cleaning micro-abrasives, proven to be much more effective than liquid all-purpose spray cleaners.

The BoldClean Eraser Sponge size is 4.6" x 2.4" x 1".

Melamine cleaning sponges are the latest product breakthrough with the latest in nano-technology. Simply add water, wring out and use. No chemicals, no worries.

Cleaning companies, janitorial services and auto detailers are just a few of our fans.

BoldClean Erasers can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to clean stubborn stains and renew many items.

- walls and drywall, removes scuffs, doors and trim, baseboards
- removes crayon, markers, and dirty fingerprints from walls
- tile, vinyl, and ceramic floors, bathrooms, showers, sinks & toilets
- glass, mirrors, soap scum
- auto interiors, tires and wheels, removes bugs on windshields
- boats, fiberglass hulls
- patio furniture, umbrellas, playhouses
- pools, liners, and hot tubs
- golf clubs, shoes, and balls, sneakers and spikes
- sports equipment, baseball bats
- pet carriers and crates
- safe to use on leather purses, shoes, and luggage
- stainless steel, tupperware, pyrex

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