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Sandwich Eraser Sponge (180 Pack)

180 Pack of our BoldClean Sandwich Eraser Sponges.
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180 Pack of our BoldClean Sandwich Eraser Sponges.

The BoldClean Sandwich Eraser is a Premium Melamine Foam Eraser Sponge.

Compare our prices to the SSS Merlin Eraser Sponge® TM. BoldClean Sandwich Erasers contain no chemicals or detergents but are made up of melamine foam deep cleaning micro-abrasives, proven to be much more effective than liquid all-purpose spray cleaners.

This unique sponge offers a durable poly foam inner layer allowing a better grip and the ability to utilize 100% of the melamine foam.

The BoldClean Sandwich Eraser Sponge size is 4.3" x 2.7" x 1.5".

Melamine cleaning sponges are the latest product breakthrough with the latest in nano-technology. Simply add water, wring out and use. No chemicals, no worries.

Cleaning companies, janitorial services and auto detailers are just a few of our fans.

BoldClean Erasers can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to clean stubborn stains and renew many items.

- walls and drywall, removes scuffs, doors and trim, baseboards
- removes crayon, markers, and dirty fingerprints from walls
- tile, vinyl, and ceramic floors, bathrooms, showers, sinks & toilets
- glass, mirrors, soap scum
- auto interiors, tires and wheels, removes bugs on windshields
- boats, fiberglass hulls
- patio furniture, umbrellas, playhouses
- pools, liners, and hot tubs
- golf clubs, shoes, and balls, sneakers and spikes
- sports equipment, baseball bats
- pet carriers and crates
- safe to use on leather purses, shoes, and luggage
- stainless steel, tupperware, pyrex

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